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Articles of Association


In the articles:

Liability of Members

The liability of the members is limited to ₤1, being the amount that each member undertakes to contribute to the assets of the association in the event of its being wound up while he, she or it is a member or within one year after he, she or it ceases to be a member, for:


The objectives of the association are:


The association has power to do anything which is calculated to further its #Objectives or is conducive or incidental to doing so. In particular, the association has power:

Application of Income and Property


Classes of Membership

Termination of Membership

Membership is terminated if:

General Meetings

Notice of General Meetings

Proceedings at General Meetings

Quorate meetings

Non-quorate meetings

Chair person

Reconvened and adjourned meetings


Proxy Notices

Content of Proxy Notices

Delivery of Proxy Notices

Written Resolutions

Votes of Members


Powers of Directors

Retirement of Directors

Appointment of Directors

Disqualification and Removal of Directors

A director shall cease to hold office if he or she:

Remuneration of Directors

Proceedings of Directors




Declaration of Directors' Interests

A director must declare the nature and extent of any interest, direct or indirect, which he or she has in a proposed transaction or arrangement with the association or in any transaction or arrangement entered into by the association which has not previously been declared. A director must absent himself or herself from any discussions of the directors in which it is possible that a conflict will arise between his or her duty to act solely in the interests of the association and any personal interest (including but not limited to any personal financial interest).

Conflicts of Interests

Validity of Directors' Decisions

Subject to #Void Directors' Decisions, all acts done by a meeting of directors, or of a committee of directors, shall be valid notwithstanding the participation in any vote of a director:

the decision has been made by a majority of the directors at a quorate meeting.

Void Directors' Decisions


The directors must keep minutes of all:


Means of Communication to be Used

Directors Indemnity