Robot Building Competition (Hebocon)

Easter Monday (17th April 2017): Robot building challenge!

This is a repeat event from our extremely successful robot building challenge we ran in October. Entrants are welcome from all age groups and all experience levels. Come as a family, come as individuals, come from a neighbouring hackspace!

Newbury Hackspace will provide a selection of parts and components, feel free to bring your own toys, parts, bits and build a robot. Arrive after 10am, build your robot at the Hackspace or build it at home and bring it along. Entered robots will compete in a Hebocon (Crap Robot Competition) at 4pm.

Rules: Your robot must be crap. Advanced robots, e.g. those showing any degree of control will be penalised at the discretion of the judges! Search the Internet for #hebocon to get ideas.