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Let it snow!



It started out life as a cheap aluminium-framed Reebok-branded full suspension bike.  All mechanical components were removed (some quite forcefully!) and the brake mountings, shifter mounting etc were ground off. The pedal shaft was replaced with an arrangement of steel angle which was ground into the footpeg shape and welded using the Kempi MIG welder.  The footpegs are exceedingly strong!

Most of the work centred around the stanchions mounting the skis to the forks.  These stanchions were created from scrap aluminium around the space, CNC’d in his mill and welded up with the TIG.  Buried in each stanchion are a pair of bearings held in bearing carriers also milled from scrap aluminium.  The horizontal braces are cut from a scrap spreader bar from a boat. The stanchions are mounted to the skis on rubber cut, of course, from a mouse mat.

Tools used:
– MIG and TIG welders
– Lathe
– Angle grinder
– Bandsaw
– Chopsaw
– Pillar drill
– Various small tools (screw drivers, spanners, sockets, allen keys, sandpaper, etc)
– Taps (M6) and dies (M10) (including cutting the thread under power on the lathe, which is awesome)
– Vinyl cutter

The great thing is – everything you see there is recycled with the exception of:
– The bearings, these were new for obvious reasons;
– The metal shafts for the axles.  He did attempt to turn these down from scrap on the lathe but couldn’t get good enough results; and
– The paint (yet to master that).

The bike has now been used on snow!, Stuart took it on his family holiday to La Plagne in France – the bruises are fading and he’s already thinking about version 2!

Video of the bike in action coming soon!